Domestic and international transport up to 3,5 to 

Full and part loads on the roads within whole Europe 

Express transports 

ADR loads

 short and long term storage 

courier services


Our company DS-Kurier was established in 2018, as a logistics company providing domestic road transport services.

Thanks to our long years of experience, we have been able to increase our services also to Europe less than in a year. 

We have new vehicles, which are able to load ADR goods.

We are specialized mainly on transports to/from Slovakia, Austria, Hungary, Slovenia, Czech Republic and Poland. 

The active cooperation with the transport associations, and the dynamic development of our business activities are the guarantee of our high standard services. 

In the previous years of our operations we had been focused to improve the services we provide, which allows us to be a perfect business partner. 

Our experience is the guarantee on professionalism, reliability, and safety during the transport.

Thanks to the quality we provider, the company has built an excellent supplier – customer relationship, which is appreciated by many satisfied clients.

Our priority is the satisfaction of our customers.